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Submissions: 52

2023 winner: Rahel


Rahel Zuber

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2023 EIZO Student Awards.

Rahel submitted this beautiful and poetic analogue photo, which reflects on the visible and the invisible, the known and the unknown, and far more.

Read more about her photo here.  

She also collected the most votes, which makes her the People's choice as well as the overall winner of the competition.
We congratulate her and thank her for her work and dedication.

Rahel studies at F+F Schule für Kunst und Design in Zürich and will complete her studies in spring 2024.

We wish her all the best, lots of fun with her new EIZO ColorEdge CS2731 and a great experience working on set with Thomas and his crew.

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2022 winner: Jan


Hi Jan, you won the EIZO Student Award 2023 edition with a beautiful photo.
Can you take us on your journey to creating this image? What went through your mind, how did you find the location, did you have a specific result in mind, a story you wanted to tell through that photo?

In my photographic work I deal with everyday life. The camera always in the pocket and the right intuition I catch moments that often last only a short moment. I shoot portraits in which emotions flare up, scenes that hold an infinite calm or snapshots that want to tell a story. Because I shoot analog, my images take on a depth that is often unattainable with a digital camera.  

This year’s general theme is “red green blue” and how these three colors make out our entire experience of the world around us.
What advice would you give people who want to enter the EIZO Student Awards this year?

I think it's important to be confident with your work and present it like this, and even if it doesn't work out, be happy to get opportunities like this open call and maybe get inspired by the other participants.

You won an EIZO ColorEdge CS2470, a state-of-the-art monitor for photographers and videographers. How has it helped you become a better creative, what benefits have you found and where has it supported your work most?


The screen is excellent, I use it in many areas of my work. Whether it's photo editing, video editing, drawing or just watching movies for inspiration. I am very grateful to have this, so big thanks to EIZO at this point.


2021 winner: Lena


Hi Lena, you won the 2021 edition of the EIZO Student Awards. Your work really stood out.
You also participated in the 2022 edition, again getting praise for your work. What is your secret to creating eye-catching work? Can you tell us more about your creative process, your idea, perspective and how you use your technical knowledge to trigger an emotional response?

I do not think that I have a secret behind my pictures, much more I am behind my pictures. It's just my perspective of the world, and everyone has a different one. It is the aesthetics of reality and the understanding to interpret it, which makes a photo and the photographer. I like to work intuitively, without having too precise an idea before starting. Mostly, I recognize myself above all in analog photography. There is something incredibly magical about the process from an unexposed negative to an analog print, and it gives me a lot of artistic freedom and choices. I value that extremely, and it connects me to my images.

You got the opportunity to be on set with Christian Ammann and his crew. Can you tell us what your experience was and what your take-aways are as a future actor of the photography industry?

The day with Christian and his crew I will not forget so quickly. For me it was especially interesting and informative to see how a large team works together and how certain processes and tasks were clearly defined. I think that is also what I take away the most from this day. Also the exchange with Christian and the other crew members was very exciting, through the exchange with the stylists or assistants I could not only learn new things about photography, but about the whole industry. 

You won an EIZO ColorEdge monitor. How has it helped you become a better creative, what benefits have you found, and where has it supported your work most?

The evaluation and viewing of my images is an important part of my work, for which I like to take time. Often I look at images for minutes and think about which sections or series appear from the images. My Eizo monitor is definitely a big help. First of all, viewing is more fun when the colors are detailed in their optimal values on the screen and even on a gray day I don't get tired of staring at my monitor. Secondly, I can always be sure that an image is reproduced in its best form and that the colors are correct, even when I put it into print. 

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