About EIZO

EIZO is the Japanese word for «image» and the company's core competence.

EIZO exclusively develops and produces monitors and display solutions, together with the entire image control electronics. EIZO monitors are characterized by perfect image quality, the greatest reliability and the highest ergonomics. This is due to the high standards EIZO has set for itself in research, development and manufacturing. 

«Simply the best» is the quality philosophy. Not the person should adapt to the monitor, but the monitor to the person. With constant innovations, EIZO has established itself as a leading high-end monitor manufacturer. 

Outstanding features distinguish EIZO monitors such as EcoView, Overdrive, advanced color control, DUE and many more. For application areas with particularly high demands on color accuracy and precise image display, EIZO is the market leader with its product lines ColorEdge for image processing and photography and RadiForce for medical imaging.

In short, when you talk about EIZO, you're talking about uncompromising quality. And of products that convince with the highest degree of reliability, image quality and ergonomics.

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